The Language of Light comes through in many different forms, it can be spoken, written, or sign using the hands.

When I first sign the light language it was after my Reconnection experience I had.  After my 2 day Reconnection process I was connected strongly to my higher self and spiritual guides. They started working with me and attune my body to anchor higher vibrations to various automatic yoga exercises.

Within months I started signing the Language of Light with my hands and write this multi dimensional languages. It all come through automatically and there in no need to prepare myself in anyway.  These languages carries all the vibrations of Reconnective healing as well as something much more.

This language of light is our soul language, when expressed thorough different people they might sound different due to the differences in soul knowledge gathered over our individual life times.  But as we progress, more languages opens up to us, beyond our colored soul memory and we will start to speak more clearly and transmit the higher dimensional languages of light such as those of the Angels.

Some transmissions are energy encoding speaking directly to your soul, attuning and rebalancing your energy systems and light bodies. Some words are messages and information translatable to our earth languages.

When our light bodies developed to the required level you will start to activate your access to the Language of light.  If it is your soul path to gain access to the language for the service of this planet in this life time you will be able to speak, write or sign it too.

Unlike the earth languages it is not a linear system that uses alphabets, characters to encode meanings.  You access the information by connecting your higher conscious to the information.  When you open your mind and shift yourself to the receiving state, just allow the information to come to you. They will either be mental images, thoughts, mind voice, subtle vibrations or scents. 

Language of Light

As guide by spirit, this video was created to share with you the Divine Essence vibrations channelled from the source. Feel free to view the video as many times as you like. It is recommend for you to view it daily to assist you to connect to the Divine essence.

                              #1.  5th Age of Peace and Illuminations
                                               #2.  Divine Love
                                                  #3.  Oneness
                                              #4.   Arch Angels

All images are available in 8 1/2” x 11” for $10 each.

The images on in the gallery are for viewing purposes only and carry a small fragment of the encoded vibrations contained within the printed images. To purchase the fully energized prints, use the link below. Do not print or copy without my permission.

Flat rate priority shipping is for USA only. International order please contact for shipping cost.

Healing Sessions

The languages that come through for each session is different. They speaks directly to your higher self and soul to assist you to realign yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It has a profound effect to help realign your light-bodies, clear your emotional bodies and help to release past life memories that are blocking your or making you unwell.

Each session generally last about 30-45mins.  The charges for in person session is $120 per session.  Distant healing cost is $120.

Wei Mok | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Reconnection | Quantum Touch Practitioner |  Certified Hypnotist

                                              #5.   Flower of Life
                                  #6.   Four Chambers of the Heart

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All the art work images are available in pendant form.  You wear them to help energize your day. They will constantly stream these vibration to you.

Please contact me if you are interested to purchase these new items.

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This beautiful Divine Essence drawing.

Just stare at it for 5-10mins daily will help you to connect to the Divine Essence.  Whenever you feel out of balance and want to connect to the divine essence within you but do not know how, you just need to stare at this drawing for 10 minutes.

Negative energy clearing mp3

You can listening it whenever you feel down after you been in public places or feel troubled by negative emotions.

Karma Clearing mp3

If you a health issue and none of the healing methods you tried work so far then the cause might be a karmic one. Listening to this track will help you release the issue or bring to your consciousness what the problem/lesson is related to that you need to learn more about in this lifetime.

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Each of these pieces contain multi dimensional codes and langauges to create to raise the vibrations of the room they are placed in as well as to assist in your meditation. The original work are 20” x 27”.

Soul drawings

The purpose of the soul drawings is help us connect to our Soul’s vibrations.  It helps us to anchor in our Soul vibrations to helps us life in sync with our soul guidance.

“ The Soul drawings stream to you the vibrations of your soul in its purest form. The drawing anchors in the vibration of your soul and assist you to connect to your soul’s vibrations when you meditate upon it daily. You can place it in your room and set the pure intent to connect with your soul for guidance on your life.  Allow your soul’s vibration to guide your life and nourish your body.  Speak to it as you would to your soul, it will connect with you to answer your questions.

Use it.  Be with your soul often.  Be one with your soul. "



“ Wei, this message is really beautiful and the drawing is very powerful.  I feel it deep in my heart when I view it.  This is precious,  thank you so much for this gift! ”

To commission your personal soul drawings, please contact me to schedule the work.  Cost: $120

This year I have started soul drawings of individuals as guided by Arch Angel Michael. 

Art Works

Energy Pendants